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    • Fedrigoni.

      YCN Competition Brief.
    • Fedrigoni are a well established, Italian paper company who have refined the art and science of making fine quality special papers. My challenge was to create a campaign which will ensure the entire UK design industry hears about the paper selection tool, consisting of 262 various paper samples which enables designers to choose the best shade and most suitable surface for their very next project.

      My final design was focused on quality Italian products and pride in appearance. Italian fashion houses supply the highest quality goods in the market, working with the finest materials, my aim was to capture this very same message for the Fedrigoni paper range. I chose to create dinner jackets because not only do they portray a strong image of quality, but just as importantly, classic, traditional design. I developed four templates, one for each element of the outfit, shirt, waistcoat, jacket and bow tie. Once each element is made they simply slot together, allowing you to make your own, and experiment with the different paper qualities and colour combination until you are happy with the outcome. Fedrigoni claim that their papers are ultra functional yet wonderfully expressive, this inspired me to produce a wide range of styles, from simple, subtle colours and patterns to much more elaborate combinations. 

      The book would be sent to Fedrigoni’s existing customers, of which a large majority are top fashion labels, promoting the new colour tool.

    Jonathon Shackleton’s incredible handy work, I just love this quirky origami technique that has been used in a way to advertise. Lovely work!

    (via graphicsstudentsecrets)

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